Before the Tour: Questions to Help Your Loved One Decide


Retirement living can be a great experience. You get to move into a vibrant community with peers your age, social clubs, exercise classes, events, and more. But you need to be confident that this is the right place, whether you’re the one making the move or a loved one is.

It always helps to take the tour as a family. Two heads are better than one, and you’re less likely to forget anything with multiple family members present to help out. But even before you book a tour, there are some important questions to ask your loved one (or yourself) about what kind of residence they want to live in, what kind of lifestyle they want to enjoy, and what their needs are going to be down the road.

#1 How much space do they want?

Downsizing is a smart, practical move for many seniors who no longer need an entire home. Moving into a senior apartment can free up savings, and there’s no need to worry about renovating for mobility.

Nevertheless, seniors should still move into a suite with an amount of space they are comfortable with. At All Seniors Care Living Centres, senior apartments are generally available as bachelors, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom. Some suites in certain residences even have fully-equipped kitchens. Residents have everything they need for independent senior living.

#2 Are they always eager to meet new people?

For seniors who love to meet make new friends and meet new people, moving into an age-restricted community with lots of event programming and classes is a great opportunity. Taking each day with a smile and always being open to make new friends is just some of the senior living advice you can use from our residents.

#3 How much care are they going to need?

This can be a difficult question to ask, and a harder one to answer. Everyone wants to maintain their independence, but sometimes care does become necessary. Try talking to your loved one openly and honestly about their health and what they want if they do need care.

Our residences offer independent senior living, independent assisted living, and greater levels of care. You can rest easy knowing that more care is available if its’ needed.

#4 Do they enjoy cooking or will they be happy to let someone else do it?

Food is a major factor in your everyday life. Your diet can improve your mood, and your loved one is likely accustomed to a certain way of eating. If they’re not ready to give up cooking, find a senior apartment with a fully-functioning kitchen.

We have retirement residences in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Quebec and you can book a tour any time. Come prepared and ask your loved one these questions before you visit, so you know exactly what you’re looking for.

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