Keeping Seniors Connected to Celebrations


“The cheer and smiles it brings out”, says Mo, a quiet joy lighting up his face.

Mo is speaking about Holi – the Hindu Festival of Colours – and why it is an important rite of spring for his family.

For many cultures, springtime is a time for worship and for gathering with family and friends. Whether you celebrate  Easter, Ramadan, Passover, or Holi, spring festivals are a way to mark the passage of time and celebrate sacred events.

All Seniors Care living communities are wonderfully diverse; every resident has a unique background and story. We help seniors feel at home by learning about those stories, as well as their values, religious practices, and cherished holiday celebrations.

In the days leading up to festivities, residents make traditional decorations, research the country of origin, share stories about their travels and details about their culture through discussion, or host cultural entertainment, music, or dancing. Our Red Seal chefs also make special dishes from the specific country or region.

Read on to find out how you can celebrate and honor both secular and non-secular observances this year.

Celebrating Spring Holidays in 2021

The vaccine rollout is changing how people observe spring holidays like Easter, Passover, and Holi this year. As the days approach, celebrating pandemic-style may feel a lot more joyful than it did in 2020, for good reason. But with coronavirus infection rates still high, medical experts have some words of caution.

Typically, our residents visit with family during these high holidays. This year, with the pandemic still limiting travel and gatherings, seniors are encouraged to share virtual dinners. Video platforms can be used to stay social at a distance, while still allowing families to celebrate together.


For those missing Passover celebrations, a ground-breaking Canadian-produced event, Seder Night in Canada™, is available for people of all religions, ages, nationalities, and backgrounds – even after this pandemic Passover has passed.


From virtual runs to Easter egg hunts, communities around Canada are gearing up for this weekend’s celebrations. The Activity Directors in our senior independent and supported living communities are busy planning events for residents. Activities, decorations, religious observances, and special meals are in the works. Contact individual residences for more information!


After a successful on-line event in 2020, the Canadian branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim religion, is inviting Canadians to experience Ramadan online.  On April 25, the group will host a national virtual iftar dinner at 4 pm (EST).  Click here to find out more.

Holi – The Indian Festival of Colour

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the “Festival of Love”, the “Festival of Colours”, and the “Festival of Spring”. It marks the end of winter in India and welcomes the spring season.

Residents at Preston Park 1 Retirement Residence will celebrate Holi this week – watch their Facebook page for pictures!

All Seniors Care – Supporting Your Loved Ones

If your parent has recently transitioned to one of our retirement communities in Ontario, it is important to help them stay connected. Talk to them about how they can maintain their valued traditions. Staying connected to religious traditions can help seniors overcome the blues and SAD — and also help them feel more connected to their communities and families.

At All Seniors Care, we pride ourselves on our open and welcoming senior housing communities that embrace all residents with open arms. Whether it’s at one of our longstanding residences, or at our new senior community in Whitby opening in Spring 2021, we take resident comfort seriously. To help everyone stay healthy and safe during spring celebrations,  we ask that you check with the individual residence to confirm best practices around visiting with seniors.

Get in touch today so we can help your loved ones stay connected to their faith during the holiday season.

Little boyOur Family Easter Egg Hunt may not be happening this year, but we have many other activities planned! Watch our social media accounts for details.

Editor and Writer:   Julianna McLeod



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