Head-To-Head: Which Retirement Residence Has the Grey Cup Edge?


In an unparalleled sprint, two seniors’ communities are going head-to-head in the days leading up to the 108th Grey Cup.

While they can’t make a tackle or catch a touchdown pass, Summit Heights and River Ridge retirement communities are throwing their full weight behind the Bombers and Tiger Cats this Grey Cup Week. In a contest of titanic tilt, the Hamilton residence has challenged staff and seniors in the Winnipeg retirement home to find 108 things that represent the Blue Bombers, their residence, and All Seniors Care by Friday at noon.

Conversely, the Summit Heights community will find 108 things that represent the Hamilton Tiger Cats, their residence, and the parent company.

Each home will compose a video showcasing these items. These videos will be available on our social media pages.

Which Team Has the Grey Cup Edge?

This rivalry is as big as it gets.

Hamilton will have home-field advantage Sunday when it faces Winnipeg at a sold-out Tim Hortons Field. The Blue Bombers come in as defending champion after downing the Ticats 33-12 in the 2019 Grey Cup.

Are these roles reflected in the All Seniors Care squads?

Smiling senior man over 100 years old in Winnipeg Blue Bombers sweater.
Ralph W wearing his Blue Bombers sweater, a gift from his family for his 99th birthday.

According to Mr. Ralph W, River Ridge can be confident that they are a strong contender. At 103 years old, the retired Air Force veteran – he served in the Battle of Britain, has been a fan of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers almost since the team’s inception. He is so dedicated that he was honoured by the Bombers at Sunday’s Western Final at IG Field.

“We will do it as one unit,” says Ralph.  “A strong group with different experiences always means better results. I may have more experience than many people, but we’ll all get together and come up with some ideas.”

On other hand, Summit Heights is creating a buzz throughout the week, boosted by the knowledge that their team is playing in front of a full stadium of mostly their own fans.

David is a retired Land Surveyor who lives at Summit Heights with his wife Sandra.  He has been a die-hard Tiger Cats fan for over 70 years and has attended 3 Grey Cups – one in Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Montreal.  His favourite Grey Cup was in Vancouver when Hamilton beat Edmonton in 1986.

David plans on putting up a fierce fight for the win over River Ridge.  With his big collection of Tiger Cat swag (he even has a Ticat license plate!), Summit Heights might have an advantage to match the football team.

Of the Grey Cup teams, Ralph is diplomatic.

“At the end of the day, the odds are 50/50. If the Bombers play to their normal standard, our exceptionally good defense should make the difference between the two.  We have very good receivers,” says Ralph, “if they catch the ball, and the weather conditions are good, they should win the game. But you never know which way the ball bounces.”

Old man wearing a tiger-cats jacket
David sporting his Tiger-Cats jacket, just some of the swag he has collected over the years.

“We will win because we have TWO amazing quarter backs,” says David, believing they will start Dane Evans. In defiance of Ralph, David believes that their defense is better than Winnipeg, “Look how we stopped Toronto last weekend!!!

Ralph believes that Winnipeg has the advantage. “Ticats, they’re not a bad team.  Of course, we beat out so many people in the regular season, statistically we should walk over them.” On Sunday, he can be found cheering on the team with his fellow residents, and his Blue Bomber outfit with 99 the front.

David will be watching the game in the comfort of his suite because he likes to be able to coach the team and doesn’t like any chatter from others during the game to which Sandra added – plus he uses some inappropriate language especially in the first half.  David tells Leslie Watson, Executive Director at Summit Heights, “I call it like I see it!”

Older adults muster up enough spirit to edge out their competitors

The spirit of Grey Cup will be alive and well across the country on Sunday.

In an announcement that resembles a three-play touchdown drive, Summit Heights has been hosting a Grey Cup week of football traditions and parties that will culminate on Sunday with the big game being projected on the theatre’s big screen.

Here is a sample of the fun:

  • Wednesday Spirit Day: everyone is wearing Hamilton’s black and yellow in support of the Tiger Cats. See their cheer video above! OSKEE- WEE-WEE!
  • Cats vs. Blue Pool with funny money!
  • Field Goal Thursday kicks off with face painting and decorated the residence in advance of the big day, followed by a football toss.
  • Throughout the week you will find fans making videos, TikToks, dances, and cheers.
  • Friday: the spoils of the 108 Contest will be unveiled!
  • Sunday Grey Cup party!! Everyone will be decked out in spirit wear for a tailgate party and to cheer on their team.

Not to be outdone, River Ridge will host a full day of themed activities! Residents will enjoy a Beer and Pretzels tailgate party, watch the 15 Greatest Grey Cup Games recap, and then watch the Grey Cup in their theatre.

Sturgeon Creek I Retirement Residence

The Winnipeg seniors home will host a football toss and beer tasting on Sunday afternoon, then view the game in the Theatre. A concession stand with easy, utensil-free, and utterly delicious snacks, all individually wrapped, will be available for the hungry cheering section. Bombers for the win!!!

 Sturgeon Creek II Residence

NFL player standing with seniors and the Grey Cup in front of a fireplace.
The Grey Cup at Sturgeon Creek on December 18, 2019. Click here to view all the pictures on Facebook.

With the community becoming more excited by the hour, football terminology has been incorporated into the week’s exercise programs. And just in case they are called up to play in the big game, seniors in the Manitoba retirement community will limber up beforehand. “We are not just armchair quarterbacks and kickers around here!”, says Karen Single, Director of Health and Wellness.

With a core group of football fans enjoying the festivities for the game, this is the place to be!  When the Bombers won the Grey Cup 2 years ago, the trophy was brought to the facility for all to see.  Seniors met some of the players and had the opportunity to have their pictures taken with the Cup and players.

They will be shouting their support in the theatre come Game On! this Sunday.

Preston Park II Retirement Residence

Saskatoon seniors will be treated to a Grey Cup afternoon with football activities followed by a tailgate party and optional supper in the Lounge to watch the game! The Health and Wellness Department is putting together some Grey Cup Trivia and a football toss activity. The tailgate will consist of pretzels, wings, popcorn, soda, and beer options.

With the Roughrider’s hopes dashed at the hands of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for a third straight season, these older adults will be backing the Tiger Cats for the win!

Grey Cup Party Planning

Get your friends and loved ones into the Grey Cup spirit on Sunday December 12th.  Whether you host a tailgate party like Ottawa retirement homes Courtyards on Eagleson and Beacon Heights and Chateau Symmes in Gatineau or  set up fun Grey Cup Pool like our aged care community in Calgary,  the key is to host a day filled with fun that has fans on the edge of their seats when the game-winning touchdown happens!

If you are unsure of how to best help an aging loved one, the trained and compassionate staff at All Seniors Care is here to help.  There are plenty of other ways that we are redefining senior living and making retirement more enjoyable. If you’re interested in joining one of our homes or suggesting that someone you know join us, click here to get more details about our Hamilton residences and other seniors residences near you.

As for Ralph and David, they will be on the edge of their seats, cheering their teams on. May the best squad win!

108th Grey Cup
Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Sunday, December 12 at 6 p.m. EST / 5:00pm CST / 4:00pm MST

Writer – Julianna McLeod

Julianna is a health and wellness expert at All Seniors Care. Her mission is to create content that empowers older adults to form sustainable solutions for lasting health and happiness. She is an experienced writer, editor, and Recreational Therapist living in Toronto.

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