How to Talk to Your Parents About Parking the Car for Good


At a certain age, it’s safest for senior citizens to give up their cars. However, giving up driving is a major transition in the aging process, and it can feel like suddenly your independence is limited. For those who have been driving since they were 16, it can be an emotionally taxing step to take.

Senior driving comes with its risks. While every individual is different, the rate of accidents increases over the age 70. There are a few ways to mitigate driving risks, including:

  • Driving defensively
  • Avoiding driving at night
  • Getting your eyes checked annually
  • Making sure you sleep well before driving

Warning Signs

Keep an eye out for certain red flag behaviours in loved ones, including:

  • Stopping at green lights
  • Running reds or stop signs
  • Confusion caused by traffic signs or signals
  • Getting lost

Talking to Your Parents About Giving Up the Car

It’s not an easy conversation to start. If you’ve realized that a loved one is showing some of the above danger signs that could pose a risk to either themselves or others, the time to talk has come.

Start the conversation by emphasizing that you’re concerned about their safety. If they haven’t already begun to do so, suggest some of the ways they can reduce their personal risks listed above.

The next step is working on a transportation plan. Depending on where they live, they may now need more help getting around. For some seniors, especially those who live in rural areas or suburbs without extensive public transportation, relocating may even be part of the conversation.

When they’re considering their transportation options, one of the best questions to ask is, “How are you going to get an ice cone?” Family members may willingly be there for essentials like medical appointments, groceries, and essential shopping, but it’s often the small things like heading out for a simple ice cream cone that brings more happiness into your life. For that, you need some level of independence.

One thing that might help is reading some useful tips on senior living and embracing a positive attitude about aging. There’s at least one nice thing about giving up the car: no more having to worry about gas prices.

Senior Living After the Car

One of the advantages of moving into All Seniors Care Living Centres is that we can help with transportation, including shuttles to shopping centers and transportation to medical appointments. Some of our residences, like Chateau Symmes in Aylmer, Quebec, are located right downtown and within walking distance of shops and services.

Rutherford Heights in Edmonton is a quick walk from trails, grocery stores, banks, and other amenities. If you’re wondering how a loved one is going to get by without a car, see how we help Edmonton seniors live with dignity, whatever their transportation needs.

You may also want to check out retirement homes London Ontario residents love, Calgary’s most desired senior’s housing residences, or superior Ottawa living in a retirement community to see how retirement residences make life without a vehicle easy.

Carefree Retirement Living

Wherever you are in Canada, you can enjoy carefree retirement living in independent senior housing. You don’t have to worry about cleaning, cooking, or keeping your car past the time it’s safe to continue driving. Instead, you can spend more time letting loose and having fun, like these seniors dancing to Blanco Brown at our Stratford McCarthy Residence. Cut down on costs and enjoy the stress-free retirement you’ve been waiting for.  

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