Questions to Ask Before You Tour a Retirement Residence


Is your next move in life taking you to a retirement residence? It’s a smart financial decision for seniors looking to downsize, but there is a lot of research that goes into finding the right place. You will have to do your research into locations, costs, amenities, and start taking tours.

There will be plenty of opportunities to learn about retirement residences. But before you get there, you should take a step back and ask yourself some questions about your own wants, needs, and personality. Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly. They can help you discover your priorities in a new home and what kind of retirement residence will fit your lifestyle.

#1 How much space will you need to feel comfortable?

Downsizing can come as a bit of a shock for anyone who has spent decades living in a family home that’s now too large for them. Moving into a space that’s too small all of the sudden can leave you feeling crowded, but it can be expensive to maintain too much space. Many retirement residences offer bigger suites, including two-bedroom plus den apartments.


#2 What are your favourite activities?

What do you like to do in your spare time? Are you passionate about physical exercise, going for a swim everyday, walking, jogging, or yoga? Find out if these activities are offered at the retirement residence. Many retirement residences are also hotspots for social and active clubs. Depending on your interests, ask about knitting, bridge, and cribbage clubs.

For those who love learning about the world and experiencing new activities (and flavours), find out how residents travel the world with our “Taste Of” series of events, featuring trivia, activities, and great meals based on places far and near every month.


#3 Do you still like cooking and making your own meals?

One of the perks of retirement living is not having to cook for yourself. For those with arthritis or mobility issues, cooking can become difficult and it’s a treat to move into a residence where you no longer have to do it. In All Seniors Care Living Centres, culinary teams led by a Red Seal certified chef prepare healthy, customized meals for seniors that taste great and meet senior nutritional needs. But if you still have a passion for cooking, there are other alternatives to consider. There are plenty of reasons to love cooking, and you don’t have to give it up entirely as many suites include their own kitchen or have communal kitchens for you to use.


#4 Do you like meeting new people?

Have you always been a social type, easily fitting into new social groups and making fast friends? Not everyone feels at ease in new social contexts and shyness does not disappear with age. You know what makes you uncomfortable – ask retirement residences about them.


 #5 Do you think you will need additional support in the future?

Are you worried about your future health or support requirements in the near or distant future? Some retirement residences provide flexible care, allowing you to transition from independent senior living to an arrangement with additional support and health services, all without having to move. Once they’ve made one major move later in life, most seniors do not want to move again and would prefer to age in place.

If you are already having mobility issues, you might want to learn about a new federal grant to become safer and more accessible for persons with disabilities. Other residences in Edmonton such as our Rutherford Heights location offer AHS Supportive Living options.

Making the move to a retirement residence is a major life shift. Before you tour one, ask yourself these questions and find out what you want from your new home.

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