It’s Time to Honour All of the Hard-Working Volunteers


Volunteers are people who commit themselves to important causes without asking for a pay cheque in return. Their generosity helps organizations all across Canada, including All Seniors Care. This month, the country will be celebrating National Volunteer Week. Read ahead to find out how to show your appreciation and how to become a volunteer in the future.

National Volunteer Week
This year, National Volunteer Week is from April 13th to 17th. Canadians can take this time to thank volunteers for their contributions. The country would not be the same without their compassion and consideration.

Even All Seniors Care is a part of the community that needs volunteers to help with a wide variety of activities like bingo, art classes, card games, sing-alongs, and walking clubs. Without this help, our facilities would be less vibrant.

How Can You Celebrate?
Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak has made it challenging to partake in any celebration. Canadians are expected to practice social distancing or self-isolation in order to stop the spread of the virus and to protect the most vulnerable members of society — this includes seniors and people with compromised immune systems. Click here to see our  tips for seniors to stay healthy and protect themselves from getting sick.

The good news is that there are ways to celebrate from a safe distance. Thank a volunteer through email. Send them a card. Post about their hard work on social media to let the rest of the community know about the positive changes they’ve made. You don’t have to shake someone’s hand to let them feel appreciated.

Another way to celebrate National Volunteer Week is to become a volunteer yourself. You don’t have to do it right away — it can be in a few months or later in the year.

Why Should You Volunteer?
There are lots of great reasons why you should volunteer more often. One of the benefits of volunteering is that you build strong bonds with new people and your community. If you’re feeling lonely or bored, you could find this especially fulfilling. It could become a regular hobby for you.

You can share your passion with others. For instance, you can show residents at All Seniors Care the benefits of learning a new skill like woodcrafting or dancing.

Another reason why you should volunteer is that volunteer experience looks great on job and school applications. High school students could use it to boost their university/college applications. Some provinces require students to have a minimum of 40 hours of volunteering to officially graduate. If you’re a student, All Seniors Care could be the place where you achieve those essential hours.

Find a home nearby. We have seniors housing options in Edmonton, housing for seniors living in Calgary, and more. We offer a scholarship for regular student volunteers. You can contact us anytime for more info about this scholarship and how you can apply for it.

National Volunteer Week is a special time when everyone can thank people for the selfless work that they do for their communities. It’s also a time to ask yourself whether you can volunteer your time for a cause that’s close to your heart.



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